A window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement

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Useful scripts

This page lists a set of useful scripts that uses Rofi.

I3 Workspace selector

I3 Workspace Switcher

The script can be found here. (It also uses another script, from the same repository.)


with teiler you can create screenshots and screencasts easily. powered by rofi, scrot and ffmpeg it offers the following features:

  • Screenshots (fullscreen, windows, area - with and without delays)
  • Screencasts
  • Uploading images and videos to a remote server.

Servers supported:

  • filebin
  • openssh
  • imgur (only images)
  • amazon s3

teiler in addition can

  • copy the last image to clipboard
  • keep a history of your screenshots



clerk is a mpd client using mpc, mppc (see here) and rofi.

It offers the usual features.

  • Simple playlist management.
  • Library Browser (in various ways)
  • play random albums/tracks
  • Lookup and play albums/tracks by currently playing artist.
  • Set all major mpd options (random, consume, single, repeat, replaygain, crossfade, etc…)
  • Playback Controls.

It also offers unique features like rating of albums or tracks in a 100% portable way All options are available as command line arguments, to make it easy to associate hotkeys with most used features.